Redux is a tool that helps us manage and update states. It places all of the data (state) in one place which means that every component has access to the state regardless of where the component is located in its inheritance (parent, child or grandchild). A State is read only, meaning it cannot be altered.


An Action describes an event that occurred when the user clicked on something within the browser. Action is an object that contains the instructions and information that describes the state change. An Action contains two key and value pairs, Type and Payload. …

Using the CSS position property to locate elements on a webpage can be very tricky. This is where CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid comes in handy. What are they? What are the differences? And finally, which one should I use? Here is a simple breakdown of both.

CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox is also called CSS Flexible Box Layout Module. It is 1-dimentional so elements can line up in one direction, horizontal or vertical.

The main-axis is either a row(horizontal) or column(vertical) direction with cross-axis in perpendicular direction from main-axis. When calculating, it calculates one line at a time and has…

Each, Collect, Map, Select, Find, Find_all….Oh My!

As I dive deeper into Ruby, iterators are used more frequently to retrieve data stored in the arrays. Some data could be stored deep down in the ocean (nested data) which means I will have to iterate over the arrays few times to get the information I need.

So, the big question is, which iterator or iterators should I use?

The bigger and more important question is, will it return the value or just print them?

I also wondered if others are struggling as well. …

Computer programming can be as creative as you like!

The more I learn about programming, the more I notice the similarities between interior design and software engineering.

Before my learning adventure into coding, the syntax felt very rigid, cold, and uninspiring; nothing can be further from the truth!

Throughout my 16 years in the Interior Design career, I always felt that I was putting puzzle pieces together. We use the client’s needs, programs, adjacencies, and floorplans as a boundary: We evaluate them, explore options, consult with client, and re-evaluate them. …

Jina Strickland

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